Alan Korobkin was the contractor on our first house renovation in 1989. His attention to detail and his commitment to excellence were evident during our 1st project. Since that time, we have done more renovation and construction always employing Saratoga Construction. We consider Alan Korobkin a talented builder with a team of professionals ready to take on any challenge. His work is flawless, he is super dependable, and he has never failed us be it in renovating or responding to our infrastructure emergencies. Simply stated, he is the best.

Colonel William Bridgham and Julie Bridgham

I was apprehensive when I needed to hire a contractor to do a major renovation on my home.

Previously, I had a difficult experience with another contractor who required constant monitoring to maintain quality and control costs.

Words cannot express how different my experience was when I decided to hire Saratoga Construction. The quality of work exceeded my expectations! Costs were reasonable from the onset. In fact, Alan Korobkin, the owner of Saratoga Construction, made recommendations that reduced the cost of the renovation when he felt the additional costs were not warranted.

I have since hired Saratoga Construction for several other projects, including installing a wine cellar. Each project has been completed with the same focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

I cannot recommend more highly Saratoga Construction and Alan Korobkin. Living in McLean, it is difficult to find an honest service provider to work on your home, let alone someone who is knowledgeable, easy to work with, and capable of providing a top notch product at a reasonable price. If you are considering doing any type of work in your home, whether it is simply installing a wine cellar or doing a major renovation, you should contact Alan Korokbin.

You will not be sorry, trust me.



F. Scott Farmer

McLean, Va.